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We are a science writing, research, film, and education company based in London and Berlin.

Our aim is to support patients, medical professionals, industry, and academia through cost-effective communication of health information. What makes our team different is understanding your goals, being proactive and adding value. For us, it is personal

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Our skills


We create high-impact medical documentation including pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory writing, peer-reviewed publications, and patient communications.

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Writing is our passion

We provide a highly flexible service with a focus on supporting experimental design, data collection, and analysis.

Research is our heritage

We work with our clients to support the education of healthcare professionals to ensure that important messages and developments are delivered clearly and memorably.

Education drives us
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Offering flexible, time sensitive, cost effective solutions with a whole package approach.


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Your Project
Your Project

We specialise in organising conferences, advisory boards, networking events, and educational seminars.

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Meeting &
Meetings & Events

We deliver targeted short films, manage social media, create print media, and produce slide decks.

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Creative & Digital
Creative & Digital
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Our Blog

And so, another challenging year comes to an end. Despite COVID travel restrictions and Brexit, we have prospered. I am proud of what we have delivered, and the pro bono support provided to the multiagency RCGP EOLC Think Tank. The www.whatmattersconversations.org website and associated films have been viewed multiple times as this social movement gains traction. Working on a new resource for stakeholders involved in healthcare for people experiencing homelessness has been both eye-opening and rewarding.

I am constantly amazed at the types of outputs our team are asked to support and breadth of topics we have covered during the last 12 months. These range from Phase 3 COVID-19 studies to a review article exploring nutrition, immunity and pregnancy, projects around proinflammation resolution, inhaled anaesthesia, educational slide sets in aesthetic medicine and helping to revitalising a portfolio of >250 established medicines. A notable task in German was to develop an understandable patient information/consent form for a ground-breaking retinal implant. Our films for GPs and trainees covering 10 recent NICE guidelines remain a valuable educations tool.

Providing experience and training is important to us. Over this year we have seen new faces and sadly said goodbye to some amazing people. It has been a privilege to provide mentorship and see careers flourish as former colleagues move on.

What will next year bring? The way ahead remains unclear, but I know it will be exciting. We are most grateful to our clients and staff for their support.

by Steven Walker- Directer @ St Giles Medical Ltd 23-11-21

Our Activites

End of Life Care film for people experiencing homelessness

End of life care for people experiencing homelessness - a film made by St Gilesmedical GmbH for St Ann's Hospice Manchester which describes the problem from the point of view of all concerned and suggests a new approach.


Optimising healthcare initiative: ‘Forgotten patients, ideas and diseases group’

Modern medicine can do so much, yet some people with complex problems or rare diseases are overlooked, potentially beneficial health initiatives fall by the wayside and even some common health conditions do not get the attention patients believe they deserve.

We are a multidisciplinary group of health and social care professionals, academics, public health experts, scientists, ethicists, people with illness or medical conditions, spiritual care givers, politicians, and campaigners with an international perspective.

The aim of this group is make a real difference to the lives of forgotten patients, families, and society, to create an umbrella organisation which unites and campaigns for all stakeholders and to reignite interest in potentially valuable health initiatives that have fallen by the wayside.


Social movement: ‘whatmattersconversations.org'

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Asking ourselves 'What matters to me?' helps us plan for the future. Our answers could be about family, jobs, holidays, education, where we live, what we eat, what we love to do... the list is long.


Knowing what matters can play a huge part in helping to make our lives enjoyable and worthwhile. 'What matters to me?' is still important at the very end of our lives, too. For most of us that's a long time away. But it's never too early to talk to our family and friends about 'What matters.'


Sharing with others helps to make sure that any help or care we might need in the future, when we’re ill or facing difficulties, matches up with our preferences. It can help our family and friends to support us in our choices.



Our 10 films for GP's and trainees covering recent NICE guidelines are being rolled out on the Univadis/Medscape platform to great acclaim:

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Our Medium articles have been very well received:

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Our published articles are free to view online:

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Our free educational webinars have attracted a wide audience and are still available to watch on ZOOM. These include:

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Who are we?

Our private company is primarily motivated by a desire to advance all aspects of healthcare.

Our team, led by Dr Steven Walker (Scientific Director) and Dr Christine Oesterling (Advisor), work across two locations in London and Berlin. This allows us to better manage resources, cope with periods of upscaling and avoid conflict. The core team are supported by a stellar host of associates that represent key areas of medicine.

Steven Walker MD

MMedSc (Clin Oncol)


Scientific Director


Our clients and what they say

“I think you did an excellent job with the first 2 European Respiratory Society articles!” “Terrific job as always.”


Senior Managing Editor, Global Education Provider


Our London office is based in a building from 1733, the Vestry House, in the grounds of St Giles-in-the Fields Church on the border between Covent Garden and Soho, close to Oxford Street. 

United Kingdom: Stgilesmedical Ltd.


Business address:

The Vestry House, 60 St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8LG.


Company registration Nr: 08849119.


VAT Nr: 211771142


By contrast, our Berlin office is in the Charlottenburg Innovations-Centrum, a  modern glass and steel building that forms part of the Technische Universitat and is supported by the cities of Berlin and Brandenburg. 


Stgilesmedical GmbH.

Business address: Charlottenburger Innovations-Centrum, Bismarckstraße 10-12,


10625 Berlin. Registry court: Amtgericht Charlottenburg, HRB Nr. 188939 B. USt-Id Nr. DE 313980662.


Geschäftsführer: Dr.med.Steven Walker. 


Our offices

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0207 836 7110