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It is estimate that the average general physician saves 4.7 lives per year; a medical writer can potentially save many more.



Our team led by Scientific Director, Dr Steven Walker and Medical Director, Dr Christine Oesterling work across two companies, one based in London and the other in Berlin with staff delivering across both locations. Our core colleagues is supported by stellar group of associates. This helps us to better manage recourses, cope with periods of upscaling and avoid conflict. 

Steven Walker MD MMedSc (Clin Oncol), MMedEd
Scientific Director

Christine Oesterling MD
Medical Director

Rob Davies BSc, MSc 
Medical writer and Digital Lead

Claire Hawksworth BSc (Hons)
Project Manager and Research Lead


Tony Pickering MFA

Medical Artist


Sarah Stinnisson BA (Hons), BSc, MA, 

Ananya Malladi MSc
Medical Writer

Pavlina Chickova BSc, PhD

Gerhard Pappert PhD
German Medical Writing Lead

Amy Joughin BDS
Dental expert and Associate Writer

st giles faces
  • Poppy Patel (UK) and Stefan Weniger/Elisabeth König (DE), Finance

  • Yvette Court - HR

  • Alison Terry - Editor 

  • Kevin Coward - Graphic Designer

  • Bili Bham, Senior Medical WriterPhD  

  • Susan Hasmall MSc, Senior Medical Writer

  • Duncan Currie PhD, Senior Regulatory Writer

  • CR Selvasekhar, Oncology 

  • Ronny Patel, Pharmacy

  • Arie Gafson MD, Research Methodology 

  • Graham Finch PhD, Decision Science

  • Richard Stephens, Patient Engagement

  • Carmel Hutchcraft RN BSc, Nursing

  • Prof Andrew Krentz MD, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Medicine, Education and Journal Editing

  • Christine Oien, Genetics 

  • Guilia Petrovich, Biology/Academic Publishing

  •  Katherina Kolbe, Health Economics

  •  Len Starnes, Patient Involvement 

  •  Dr Mariana Rickman, Healthcare Writing

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