~We are a niche medical communication company delivering unique health outputs for specialist groups. We develop every imaginable medical document, project and meeting in English or German.

~Quality, effectiveness and appreciation of your needs are our goals. The team comprises like-minded writers, educators, scientists, patients and clinicians. We have a particular interest in emerging therapies, primary care, chronic diseases and mental health.

~Our base is in Covent Garden, London, with a German writing team and presence in central Berlin. Our aim is to support expanding pharma and biotech companies, device manufacturers and any individual/organisation with a medical interest.

~Strengths of our team include the delivery of effective publications, project management, health economic writing, regulatory documents, digital media, through to impactful meetings and educational events. The needs of health professionals and patients are at the centre of what we do.

~We invite you to review our offer and would welcome an opportunity to discuss this further



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