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We offer unrivalled flexibility to make sure we understand your needs. We pride ourselves on developing meaning relationships because they produce the best results. 

This is probably why we have found ourselves working on diverse projects across multiple therapy areas. Outputs have included complex research manuscripts and review articles, conference reports, film and voiceover scripts and website material in English and German. 

Regulations, guidelines and standard operating procedures are becoming commonplace within the medical writing space.

It is not enough to deliver great research and then present the data, everything now has rules, lists and tick boxes. No wonder that the demand for regulatory writers is growing. Many in our team like the structured approach to document-writing and are keen to do more.

Our team is fortunate to have worked with a variety of companies, universities and physicians. We are constantly amazed at the ingenuity of developers.

We are versed in the workflow of larger companies, usually well structured and led by a diverse team. By comparison, we have given guidance and taken a lead role where pioneering physicians and small organisation need more support. Here we can make a real difference.


Medical devices are a fascinating area, and patient safety is increasingly a focus requiring new and more detailed documentation. We are proud to be able to offer our services.

We are seeing an increasing number of professors, trainee professors, and other medical scholars seeking our assistance to support and write research articles

As the strains of public health services around the world become more apparent, the need to support doctors involved in research has and will continue to grow. Having built up strong relationships with world-renowned universities who are producing life-saving research we continue to growing our academic network. 

Medical devices
Research articles


The importance of good experimental design and continuity throughout a research project is often overlooked

Projects that we take on are either 'whole' in that we help to conceptualise the study from start to finish; develop methods, collect and analyse data, and assist in publishing results or the project has somehow stalled and needs help to complete its aims. While we enjoy the completeness of the former, we certainly get satisfaction helping people to succeed. 



We offer medical training and documentation for health care professionals & a range of educational tools for medical writers.  

While we regularly provide the pharmaceutical and health services industries with specific training, we have also developed a very separate offering where we are actively involved in developing the growing medical communications industry via online training, networking and social events, and mentorships. 

We research, develop and deliver training for healthcare professionals using face-to-face and group sessions or by building impactful educational outputs in print and for the web.

What the team have become incredibly efficient at is producing multiple outputs, for example, video, print and web, based on interaction and feedback from face-to-face and group sessions. We are then able to deliver something cost-effective, high impact, and wide-reaching that is something our clients appreciate. 

Medical communications is a new, fast growing and dynamic industry. The number of new medical writers entering the market is only equalled by the number of new medical writer opportunities.

While this scenario is positive, there is, unfortunately, a distinct lack of training opportunities for new or developing medical writers. This education gap creates a barrier to entry and highlights the need, not only for more training but also for more rigorous support and network structures. The Stgilesmedical team has a vested interest in both and try to play a leading role within the London and Berlin areas via our new online training course and our regular networking forums.

Medical education
Writer education

Project Management

It may be obvious to you, but it took us a while. We have become extremely good and project management. Take advantage!

We pride ourselves for being off-the-wall, slightly, and that is sometimes reflected in the projects we take on. This means that we have a lot of balls in the air, and if one is missed there is always another two or three team members catching it before it falls. We got so good, we offer these skills now as a service. 

Project management
Meetting & events

Meeting & Events

Networking, advisory boards, conferences you name it, we have done it and we love it.

It is like most services we offer; you do not only get an event manager and a booking team. Our network can help you get in contact with specialists and speakers that can set your conference apart. Our creative team can offer print, video, audio and web-based content throughout your event. The writing team can produce copy and develop event review articles for publication. We are specialists at ensuring you get value.

Film & multmedia

Film & Multimedia

Having the ability to produce outputs across a range of media channels has expanded our clients vision for what is possible when working with us. 

We are not a dedicated production house or design studio. However, we have an excellent understanding of the pharmaceutical and health industries, a unique relationship with patients and the community, and the skills to produce targetted content for anyone of these stakeholders. 

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