Medical Communications

E - Learning Course

Topics Include:

  • The basics of scientific writing

  • Writing better English

  • Getting Published and Publication planning

  • Editing and quality control

  • Regulatory writing

  • Writing for medical devices

  • Science journalism, writing for the web and press releases

  • Presentations and meetings

  • Career and Survival tips

  • Common Statistics and what they mean


25th June 2020

Mental health and resilience in times of COVID-19: Lessons from history and expert discussion

Lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought misery for many. The mental health issues associated with changes in work, confinement, money worries, pressure on relationships, caring for others, illness and coping with death are often hidden and remain unaddressed. Much can be learned from experiences in history, and from those who are currently feeling affected, professionals providing frontline support or academics studying the psychological aspects of stress and coping mechanisms.

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